Tribulations d'une Lyonnaise au Canada

Fruit shakes and knees. Lots.

It’s Monday and only Day 2 of training, but I walk already like my legs were made of wood, and my whole body doesn’t know what’s happening.

Don’t have a bag of Ice coffee at 4pm, even though it looks cool.

I had insomnia last night, probably thank to the bag of Ice coffee I had around 3:30-4pm. So skipping at 7:45am by 38 degrees was HARD. 8am, trainers leave their cigarette and yell at the few of us (5) to shadow box (I’m not sure but I think we do 4 min rounds if not 5). The bell rings, they yell 10 PUSH UPS. And then they yell again SHADOW BOXING again. Meanwhile, they chat, they laugh, some sing or dance and we go like that for 3 rounds.

4 rounds on pads (and bag, before or after). I like how trainers ask : ”Why you step and step ? No, just one step.” ”Why your leg not straight when you kick ?”. And then you fix it, and they say ”Good Good. Sabai Sabai (relax)’‘.

So it’s Monday morning, now 9am, I’m sweating so much, it looks like I just took a bath. And then, they yell ”CLINCHING”. I work with one the trainers, and I’m SO happy this girl has left (sorry), the humiliation is over, I can actually learn something. And make the trainer laugh.

In the afternoon, Namskanoi walks around, gives tips here and there (he must be desperate how bad I’m with the flow. I never know what to do with my locked arm, how to throw, which way, right arm, left leg or this other way around). Apparently, while fighting the clinch, I scratched the trainer’s neck (the one missing a tooth) a bunch of time. Oops. Then, he saw my Thai Tattoo (”Suwa”, meaning ”Tiger”) and we agreed it made sense. Although right after, he said ‘‘I’m going to kill you’‘ and he kneed me 3738 times.

2 guys only come half a day, and in the afternoon, the other one is there. He’s late, and we’re just finishing one round of shadow boxing when he’s eventually done wrapping his hands (ooooh one of those people…). At the very end of training, everybody is doing the 200 knees + 200 push kicks, and he’s in pain, taking break after break, and one after the other, trainers tell him ”NO BREAKKKKKKKKKK””

Army style.

The most ridiculous thing about this trip is that I haven’t even swam in the ocean yet. The beach where I stay is very shallow, the water not so nice, and I’d have to walk forever before being able to swim. Looks like most of the beaches are like this during low season. I’m not complain, but…. I really want to !!!


Coconut soup and mango shake.

Food is great, it’s only Day 4 in Thailand, and I could have a pizza or something. I knoooooooow.

Next post will be about my scooter adventures and how I pass only people who are at least 5 including a dog.

Did I mention I hate red ants ? Well when I opened my laptop tonight, they were ALL there. I’m pretty sure there are still some under the keyboard, so I’m pressing AS HARD AS I CAN ON IT TO DESTROY THEMMMMM.