Tribulations d'une Lyonnaise au Canada

The day I stopped having street banana shakes

I used to say ”I never got sick in Thailand ! I’d eat street food, and nothing ! Yay to me”. LOL.

These days are over.

The good banana shake.

The good banana shake.

On my first week of training, everything was going well but after a week in Thailand, I was getting a bit sick of street food smells, dirty roads, traffic, etc. I was staying close to the main village on Koh Pha Ngan, Thong Sala, and was having meals on the street, where kitchens are open, flies all over, and sad dogs hanging around.

After my second private class with Namsaknoi, who left me brain dead (a lot of reviewing of the basics), I was so tired, I feel I could get something a bit more fancy than my traditional Banana shake. This guy in the market made me a banana-peanut butter-milk shake for the usual 40 baths. A bargain!

A couple of hours later, I was napping, a first since I had started training. I decided to skip afternoon training  as I was getting quite dizzy. Around 5-6pm, I was on my scooter, on my way to my room but I suddenly fell like I could throw up. RIGHT THERE. I had to focus VERY hard not to do so on the road, and made it on time. I threw up 3 times before eventually falling asleep at10pm, woke up at 1am and strangely enough still had some banana in my stomach… I couldn’t really eat until Saturday. Needless to say that training on Saturday was HARD. I was not able to finish all the rounds, but made it, 2 classes.


Sunday, I moved to a lovely place, with a real kitchen, I stayed away from Thai food but got yummy sandwiches, and soups. On Monday, I was back on track with a FLAT stomach, SCORE.

It cost me a bit more to eat, I said good bye to 40 baht street shakes and went for the 80 baths ones at the ”resort”. And the week of training flew by.

I napped a bunch of time, I slept 8-9 hours every night ( in bed by 9:30pm), and I stopped waking up at 6am, before my alarm clock. By Wednesday, my whole body started to get REALLY stiff, my calves would cramp, and I’d just get up without thinking too much about the day of training. I was plain tired. But kept doing it, and enjoyed the grind as we say.

I learned SO much.

On the last day of sparring, I thought, mmm Wow, things are much better ! Looks like I learned something and my body memorized it. Cool.

And then the coach stopped me and say ”Stephanie, you do kickboxing kicks. No. Muay Thai kick, you kick all the way, your opponent is moving !”.

FINE. I guess I still have to work.

Today I woke up in Koh Tao. Training is done, and suddenly my body just decided to show me it is actually tired. My hips are super stiff,  my whole body is exhausted. I love how the mind kept telling the body to keep going. Now, it’s time to rest before France.

Allô Maman, Papa ? La vie elle est trop dure.

Allô Maman, Papa ? La vie elle est trop dure.

I skyped my parents from the beach, and my mom asked me my favourite question:

– ‘‘What do you want to eat when you arrive (Tuesday) ? It’s gonna be late.

– It will be late, so no worries. Just some cheese, that’s good (and wine)”.

CHEESE, bread, and WINE, YAY.