Tribulations d'une Lyonnaise au Canada

When we say light sparring….

Namsaknoi gym has Sparring on Wednesday and Friday morning.


After warm up, they ask you take 18, EIGHTEEN oz gloves. Just to make sure. And then, they repeat, NO power, TECHNIC sparring, okay? As soon as there is bit too much power, they remind you : NO power, technic !

And you know what? It works. My ego didn’t get damaged because I ”lost” the round, it didn’t get bigger because I smashed my training partner. Actually, there was no ”ego” involved. Because I got a chance to learn stuff and very important, I got a chance to have fun.

There are some times I’d get home after sparring (outside of training camp obviously), with headaches (from strong hooks), and mostly frustrated, not happy with what I did, not happy because I couldn’t work this or that. Frustrated with myself, and that’s totally fine -and normal-, sometimes frustrated with a training partner because he smashed my face, threw me to the ground 28 times etc etc – or feeling bad because I got carried away and went too hard myself, or let my ego take over…

I sparred with this Thai kid who was fighting few days later. He smiled the whole time, laughed, kicked me light but I knew he got me, he didn’t need to hammer my leg, he also let me work some stuff. We both had fun. Few days later, he was on the ring, smiling for the first 2 rounds, shaking his head when his opponent tried to elbow him in round 1, smiling when his opponent did good stuff that landed… and then round 3, he knocked him out. Done.

As Namsaknoi’s partner told me, Why would you want to hurt your training partner? You need him/her to train, to fight? Right.

bruce lee Kid